Sotovento is island of Krk western area of cca 46 km2. Name Sotovento comes from italian “sotto” and “vento” which means “bellow wind” or protected from wind. This part of island is protected from strong north wind Bura because of its terain configuration. This mild climate is favourable for vegatation growth. Visit beaches and nature at Glavotok – crystal clear sea, hidden bays and coves and greenery of surrounding woods.

Besides great nature, Sotovento is known of its cultural sites that you should visit.
Monastery at Glavotok is home of Franciscans of the Third Order from 1468.  It is founded on the estate donated to them by the dukes of Frankopan in 1445. Monastery church of St. Mary was built in 1509. Monastery kept for long time first edition of glagolitic Misal from 1483, these days kept in Zagreb.
We are bringing you also TV special about history of monastery from 2013 (in Croatian)

St. Krševan is early Croatian early Romanesque church built around year 1100 as a testament of sailors and fishermans. It is built of stone with trefoil ground plan and vaulted apse. It is in the forest close to the sea and Cavlena bay, and can be reached by car or walking from village of Milohnić.

 Panorama views:
1. Island of Cres from lighthouse Manganel
2. St. Fuska Bay nearby Pinezici
3. Vela Jana Bay nearby Brzac