Directions Apartment Sanja, Milohnici 18

1. From the Krk Bridge continue on the main island road towards the town of Krk
2. After around 17 km you will see signposts for right turn to Valbiska and Ferry
3. Turn right to Valbiska/Ferry
4. Drive for approx. 6 km and you will see a signpost for Glavotok
5. Turn right towards Glavotok
6. After 2 km you will reach the village of Linardici. Drive straight through.
7. Further 1 km and you will reach village of Milohnići.

Welcome to Village of Milohnići
8. As you reach the village, drive straight and pass the local shop from the right side.
9. Follow the road for 30 metres and pass the bowling ground from the left side.
10. After 100 m you will find your destination Milohnići 18